Comarch is hosting Mobey Forum Members Meeting in May

We are delighted to announce that Kraków will be the host city for the next Mobey Forum Members Meeting, taking place on May 22-23, 2024. This prestigious event will be hosted by Comarch and will center around the theme "Platformisation of Banking: APIs, Open Finance, Value Added Services in Banking and Beyond."

The Mobey Forum, a global industry association, plays a crucial role in empowering banks and other financial institutions to shape the future of digital financial services. By connecting industry thought leaders, Mobey Forum facilitates the identification of commercial drivers that propel the development of superior digital commerce solutions. Through collaboration, its members are dedicated to analyzing business strategies and technologies to foster the creation of innovative, interoperable, and competitive digital financial services.

As we eagerly prepare for this significant gathering, we anticipate engaging discussions and insights from top experts in the field. The focus on APIs, open finance, and value-added services promises to uncover new opportunities and strategies that will drive the evolution of banking and financial services.

Kraków, with its rich history and dynamic tech scene, offers an inspiring backdrop for these forward-thinking conversations. We look forward to welcoming Mobey Forum members and participants to our beautiful city, where they can experience not only groundbreaking discussions but also the unique charm and hospitality of Kraków.

Together, let's shape the future of digital financial services!

For more information about the Mobey Forum and the upcoming Member Meetings, please visit Mobey Forum's website.

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