Comarch eagerly awaits for the unique event for insurance industry - Decavi Non-Life Insurance Trophies. This year’s edition will take place

on April 26 in Brussels.

Decavi Non-Life Insurance Trophies have acquired an undeniable reputation in the insurance sector in Belgium.  Since 2000 Decavi aims to reward different products submitted by the companies to a jury of specialists, thus helping to ensure market transparency. This year Philippe Colle, Deputy Administrator of Assuralia will be one of the most important guests. Decavi awards not just only highlights products and solutions which are the best but also anticipates market developments in the insurance business. Learn more at Decavi website (in French).

Decavi is also a source of monthly bulletins which deep market analysis. Since the beginning of 2017 Comarch is one of the partners of Decavi. As an IT experts we created Decavi letter special edition regarding the challenges for insurance product distribution. In this bulletin Comarch experts reveal how IT can help increase both customer satisfaction and sales performance. Download it at Decavi subpage (in French).

Comarch will be proudly represented by Raphaël de Schrynmakers and Wojciech Pawluś who will be more than happy to tell you more about our products!

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