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Our solution can be used by:

Banks and other financial institutions

With Comarch Open Platform, you can create a complex digital finance ecosystem of products and services in a form of an open banking system that truly fits the needs of even the most demanding business clients, in a rapidly changing environment.

Comarch Open Platform allows to create additional value for customers, driving new streams of revenue and client satisfaction through the omnichannel digital banking platform.

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Watch our 1 min video to see how easy is creating a complex digital banking ecosystem with Comarch Open Platform.

Key benefits

Comarch Open Platform is a set of proven tools for creating front-to-back solutions, extending the platform easily with ready-made value-added services, and integrating with fintech or developing by yourself. The omnichannel banking platform comes with a toolkit of instruments and functionalities encapsulated in multiple building blocks designed to boost the development process in distributed ecosystem with multiple cross-domain Agile-oriented teams. Moreover, thanks to its open nature it is possible to enrich the platform with new business value by easily integrating with ready-made third-party applications or cloud services.

COP tool

Tools customized through co-creation

Microservice and micro-frontend based architecture allows you to work in multiple parallel streams. Use proven DevOps tools and processes to ensure a smooth implementation of your open banking platform.

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Technological edge & know-how that can be used to your advantage

Create your omnichannel digital banking platform using best practices in a cloud native, microservice and micro-frontend based design, enhanced by a set of established tools, processes, and real life experience. Take advantage of Comarch expertise to build the open banking system your clients need. 

ready made business

Ready-made business modules for quick development

Quickly bridge the digital gap and focus on building extra value thanks to ready-made, feature-packed business modules for cash management, trade finance, loan origination, factoring, and more.

Top customer satisfaction

Top customer satisfaction via an open banking platform

Built-in data analytics and extensive self-service features make it possible to automate everyday business activities of your clients. By integrating internal apps and fintech solutions into the omnichannel banking platform in a simple way, you can easily deliver highest quality customer service.

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What Comarch Open Platform gives to your bank and your digital journey?

Microservices-based architecture

using microservice architecture for swift application development and constant advancement of your open banking system

Modular architecture

a way to manage complicated processes by dividing them into smaller modules, which gives more flexibility and freedom in configuration

API-first approach

extensive, well described and consistent API that allows developers to know how to integrate them with another tool

No vendor lock

freedom to use modules from other vendors, although why even bother?

Flexible deployment options

flexibility in implementation of your open banking platform applications classic on-premise or in the cloud, either public or private

24/7 availability

reliability and availability of your open banking system application around the clock

Cloud native platform

infrastructures and methodologies optimized for the cloud deployment, either public or private, in SaaS model

SDK-enabled extensibility and self-development

giving you ready-made developer tools for further expanding the platform yourself, unlocking your IT potential

Tested scalability

giving the assurance of tested system performance, capable to handle large volumes of data characteristic of B2B processes

Traceability and monitoring

the ability to monitor the correct operation of the system and its efficiency for continuous control and the ability to quickly react to situations that require it

Security hardened

application architecture and code-based application development based on the best practices and guidelines of cyber security departments

Complete support

full support in operation, maintenance, production and consulting of your open banking platform for a sense of security and partnership in every phase of the application's life

Comarch Open Platform is designed to provide a universal building platform for enabling banks and financial institutions to build services of highest quality ecosystem through set of out-of-the-box components, processes and services.

Comarch Open Platform provides fundamental mechanisms and comprehensive set of tools for modern applications ecosystems developed in the microservice architectural style. The open system provides all the necessary components, processes and services to quickly start and run an omnichannel digital banking platform. This allows teams to focus on developing application-level business logic of the open banking system rather than having to deal with cross-cutting concerns of infrastructure.

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Tired of inflexible systems? Open your bank for more. Reach beyond problematic architecture & constant error fixing and respond to the needs of your most demanding clients easier than ever. 


Comarch Open Platform leaflet

What we are proud of

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