Comarch Digital Insurance transforms life insurance at P&V Group – a case study

Comarch Digital Insurance is live in the P&V Group and has been successfully transforming P&V’s life insurance since 2021. We provided P&V Group all the necessary features for the transformation of their life insurance landscape in one modern and comprehensive platform. Comarch and P&V aligned ambitions to deliver a solution that stands out in the Belgian life insurance market. On this occasion, Comarch’s Product Marketing Manager Sylwia Frątczak interviewed the Director of the Business Unit Tomasz Jędroszkowiak, who will tell about the backstage of this implementation. 

Sylwia Frątczak: Hi Tomasz! I'm glad you found time for us.

Tomasz Jędroszkowiak: Hello! It’s so great to be here and enjoy another great achievement for our entire team.

SF: I’ll start with a big question: How did we improve process efficiency, and increase sales and customer retention at P&V?

TJ: We implemented our solution, Comarch Digital Insurance, and thus took part in the precisely planned process of digital transformation of the P&V Group’s insurance business. Their goal is to become a leader in the life insurance market segment, and we’re doing our part in this.

SF: Why did P&V choose Comarch?

TJ: The P&V Group decided to cooperate with Comarch and choose Comarch Digital Insurance software, because of a number of elements: the level of advancement of our solution, overall fit with project requirements, knowledge of the insurance business, its usability and user-friendliness, as well as flexibility in adapting to the needs including co-creation were appreciated. Not without significance were Comarch's previous experiences with similar implementations and their measurable effects. With such important projects, the trust and commitment gained by both parties are also important.

SF: What was the key to success in this project?

TJ: First of all: great communication and clear strategy, followed by a train of releases with concrete business value, swiftly implemented (while we constantly monitored if the changes bring us closer to the assumed goals) using precise KPIs.

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SF: Was it necessary to replace all the systems that the client was working on?

TJ: Absolutely not. Comarch Digital Insurance is a front-office software, which means that it is an independent solution that can work with many others, in order to serve the most important processes. At each stage of the transformation, the focus was on different processes related directly with client services and connected with the back office work. We started with selected processes and successfully added next ones or extended them. Going back to the question: we didn't need to replace all the systems, it was enough to implement one compatible solution to improve the user experience enough to show measurable business effects.

SF: What was the main subject of the work?

TJ: The most urgent need was to speed up the sales and service of life insurance customers. We focused on the part that facilitates the daily work of employees and distributors, keeping in mind the situation on the local market and the requirements of regulators, such as the 80% rule for second pillar contracts.

SF: What was the challenge?

TJ: We set ourselves ambitious goals, and even more demanding deadlines. The project roadmap was challenging all stakeholders and participants, including a serious number of affected business users. All this, in the perspective of an integration with several legacy systems, limited contact possibilities due to Covid, and a quite uncertain visions in the economy. Together we faced it, all and today we are happy that we could help our client achieve the goals. Our solution has allowed the P&V Group to be stronger and more resilient to any market turmoil.

SF: What will stay with you after this project – what are your thoughts, general impressions, know-how?

TJ: Overall, it was a challenging project that I'm very happy with. We have managed to consistently implement our mission of supporting insurers in the insurance transformation process. P&V is a demanding client, but we aim for common success and transparently met the expectations. At the end, we were appreciated for the quality of work and effects. 

I will also remember well the fact that the project was demanding, especially because of such legally and business-complicated insurance products existing on the Belgian market. But we got it! And it is a kind knowledge and experience that will immensely enrich our portfolio as well as build our value and credibility on the market. 

SF: Thank you Tomasz.

All that remains to add is to encourage you to read the entire case study of this project, including project results and benefits.

Tomasz Jędroszkowiak                                   Sylwia Frątczak
                  Director Business Unit at Comarch       Product Marketing Manager at Comarch        
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