Five Ways Comarch FSM is Helping to Improve Customer Engagement

The effects of a decrease in labor force availability since the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for businesses to retain field service workers and keep their companies properly staffed. Equipping your field service workers with the necessary tools to be successful is a crucial part of keeping them happy and motivated. Having a skilled, hard-working field service staff is critical when trying to increase your customer retention rate. Features such as order tracking, rescheduling through mobile applications, and same day delivery have changed customers’ expectations when it comes to field service.These features give customers control over the delivery process, and lowers their tolerance for errors and delays. This raises expectations for all delivery services including the field service industry.

Customer tolerance for mistakes is lower than ever, which makes exceptional and consistent customer service necessary for survival in 2023. Below, you will find five ways Comarch FSM is helping companies to improve customer engagement using comprehensive services, methods for saving money and adapting in today’s ever-changing technological world.

Automated scheduling software

Companies in the service industry can encounter unexpected events such as work order volatility, rescheduled appointments by customers, and employee unavailability. In these types of scenarios, it is almost impossible to react quickly, or to manually assign all your work orders to the appropriate technicians. Comarch FSM Automatic Scheduling options will prepare your business for this constantly changing environment by optimizing and updating your employees’ schedules with the most up to date information. This is always based on technicians’ real availability and competences. Our automatic dispatcher takes travel time, available resources and training level into account to ensure your work orders are assigned to the correct technician, and that all orders and SLAs are met on time. This allows your business to shorten your time of service, eliminate scheduling mistakes and deliver consistent and exceptional customer service.

Workforce mobility and flexibility

When unexpected changes take place in the service delivery industry, communication between dispatchers and your mobile workforce is crucial in order to stay on schedule. With Comarch’s FSM Mobile App, your mobile workers and dispatchers will be empowered with up to date information as soon as things change. The mobile app’s automated notification system will alert your employees in the field when cancelations and schedule changes occur. This will increase the productivity of your mobile workforce by shortening their reaction time when these types of changes happen. Real-time data synchronization will also increase the transparency and level of control your dispatchers have over your field staff, by allowing them to see real-time progress as a work order is being completed. By providing the right information to the appropriate worker, you will see the number of tasks completed per day increase, which will allow you to deliver faster customer service.

Improving customer engagement

As customers expect more and more from service providers, Comarch FSM allows them to feel in control over the delivery process from the start. The Comarch FSM Customer Portal gives the customer date and time options to schedule visits, and allows rescheduling and cancelations without having to make a call. Customers feel in control with the ability to track their driver’s location and see when they will arrive, and also track workers’ progress by seeing in real time when tasks are completed.

Comarch FSM Customer Portal allow customers to feel in control not only before and during visits, but also after the job is completed. With our Customer Portal, customers can easily view any required documentation, and schedule future appointments. Comarch FSM facilitates a constantly improving process by allowing customers to define preferred technicians, view past appointment information, and see documentation regarding resolved issues. These features create a convenient and consistent process for customers, which will lead to increased customer retention.

Simplifying employee engagement and communication

Even in the ideal scenario when the perfect technician is assigned and prepared for a work order, unexpected issues can arise and lead to work orders going over their allotted time. Communication and collaboration between members of the field service team is crucial in order to solve these types of issues quickly. Comarch FSM’s internal chat feature allows less experienced technicians to communicate efficiently with team members when they need help, and even send photo attachments when stuck on a certain task step. If nothing else helps, a video call can be initiated.

Comarch FSM also gives technicians the option to see all historical customer information. This empowers technicians with customer information at their fingertips, and allows them to solve problems quickly. Increasing employee engagement and providing technicians with relevant customer information will improve your first-time fix rate, and will therefore increase the productivity of technicians. Avoiding multiple visits to customers by completing tasks the first time will increase customer satisfaction.

Improving equipment maintenance

Tracking equipment badly can lead to costly mistakes. Comarch FSM helps avoid failures and unnecessary downtime by allowing the user to define cyclical work orders such as monthly or annual site maintenance. It can also inform and prepare you for potential future failures with integration with predictive maintenance engines. Improving equipment traceability and managing upkeep and maintenance properly will help to reduce repair and maintenance costs. 

Also, these features show the customer that preventive measures are being taken to limit equipment failure and reduce the risk of downtime. By reducing downtime for your customers and increasing their business continuity, your customer satisfaction will increase and retention rates will rise.

As you can see, Comarch FSM has a multitude of features and capabilities that not only help improve employee engagement and productivity, but also lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention. Comarch FSM helps bridge the customer service gap between service delivery and typical delivery services such as package and food delivery. Automated schedule software, increasing workforce mobility, improving customer engagement, simplifying employee communication and improving equipment maintenance are just a few ways that our FSM product can help improve your customer service. Customer expectations are increasing year by year, and Comarch FSM’s future forward capabilities not only help you keep up with similar services, but also puts you in a great position going forward for 2023 and beyond.


Hugh Clyne
Hugh Clyne

Hugh has an engineering background with experience in programming, manufacturing, and statistics. He has applied these skills to his current role of Business Development in the software space, specifically in Field Service Management solutions. He is passionate about using his problem-solving and analytical skills to identify the optimal software solution based on the given business requirements. Hugh is a Virginia Tech graduate who believes in software’s ability to increase business efficiencies while reducing operational costs.

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