Delta Lloyd
Anne Romagnoli, Chief It Officer at Delta Lloyd Life about Comarch Underwriting

Cooperation with Comarch will allow us to optimize the underwriting process, which will result in more effective and accurate underwriting decision making. The main goal of the project is to improve the customer outcomes, service and overall satisfaction levels throughout all lines of business – pension, group and retail insurance.

Allianz Polska S.A.
Sylwia Kołowacik, Chief Accountant at TUIR Allianz Polska S.A. about Comarch NonLife Insurance

After several months of work with the new system, we have noted that the transfer of reinsurance accounting data proceeds more efficiently than ever before. The solution implemented in cooperation with comarch has helped us reduce the time needed for closing accounting periods.

Bank BPH
Celina Waleśkiewicz - E-Bank Department Director, Bank BPH, about Comarch CRM Sales Management

Achieving the efficiency of processes was only the first step. Another was taking advantage of the new solution flexibility necessary for more intense, frequent and effective marketing campaigns generated with the use of the Analytical CRM. Sales generated by our integrated CRM solution are an important part of our business.

BGZ Bank
Maciej Radzki - Deputy Head of Service and Product Department, BGZ Bank, about Comarch Factoring

Thanks to the Comarch Factoring implementation in BGZ Bank we have significantly simplified and shortened the discounting process and liability management. We have made our offer far more competitive - our product availability and service quality are higher. It has been appreciated by our clients and has activated the sales of factoring products at our bank. We are expecting further growth of turnover.

Aviva PTE
Piotr Godlewski - Delivery Manager in Application Development Department, Aviva PTE, about Comarch Asset Management

Choosing a Comarch solution allows us to meet the most important functional requirements and optimize our business processes. It is highly important for us to conform to the highest standards set by the Aviva group in terms of financial information quality for all clients.

Maciej Rothe - Project Coordinator, Distribution Department, CitiFinancial, about Comarch Credit Process Management

We cannot afford the slightest interruption to the system’s availability. Customer demands are increasing – they require a quick decision, a minimum of formality and the availability of sales points. Our customer is both a borrower awaiting a quick decision as well as our loan intermediary. System breakdowns or cumbersome operation would be burdensome for them and would cause loss.

Dominik Matuszewski - Project Coordinator, Verification Department, CitiFinancial, about Comarch Credit Process Management

We needed a system that can be easily managed. Vast competition and changes on the financial market cause frequent modifications to credit policy. We expected a solution whose parameters can be quickly adaptable to new regulations without supplier involvement.

Philip Müller, IT & Process director at ERGO Insurance about Comarch Mobile Insurance Advisor

The objectives of implementing the Comarch Mobile Insurance Advisor are: to use it as a native application on both desktops and laptops (Windows, Mac OS), as well as tablets with iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Also, to enable us to apply a compliant BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy based on a defined technological framework towards sales forces. Moreover, to make an easy integration with our existing back-end systems.

Delta Lloyd
Anne Romagnoli - Chief IT Officer at Delta Lloyd Life on Comarch Underwriting

The cutting-edge technology based on SOA principles applied in Comarch Underwriting and Comarch Insurance Claims enables the solution to fit into the existing IT environment at Delta Lloyd Life as the best-of-breed component in the medical acceptance area

Fortis Bank
Janusz Stępień - Director of Information Systems Integration Bureau, Fortis Bank, about Comarch Commission & Incentive

After two years of working with the system we are very pleased with the choice we made. It works smoothly and steadily, and what is also important is that it facilitates communication within an extensive user network reaching as far as sales - a delicate issue as far as the bank is concerned. Owing to Fortis Broker, our sales managers are fully informed about their performance results and remunerations due. It is difficult to underestimate the time and money saved on solving problems with commission invoicing.

DZ BANK Polska
Dariusz Stasik - President Advisor, DZ BANK Polska, about Comarch Internet Banking

Owing to the Comarch Internet Banking system, DZ BANK will receive a flexible and modern internet banking system. On the one hand, it will provide customers with fast and secure access to the bank-rich product offer; on the other hand, it will allow us to achieve one of the bank’s key strategic objectives - the highest standard of both corporate and private banking customer service.

Fortis Bank
Katarzyna Słowiak - responsible for the application implementation, Fortis Bank, about Comarch Commission & Incentive

We have chosen the Comarch Commission & Incentive system due to its high configuration potential. The commission and incentive program directed to the external sales network of Fortis Bank consists of many advanced algorithms facilitating the cooperation of individual and corporate client advisers, intermediaries and developers. Continuous presentation of sales figures for advisers and managers is its core element. What is also important is that Comarch solutions support not only current program management but also executive modifications in the future. In a dynamically growing environment, a flexible sales network model is important as it allows for the management of multilayered structures of distribution channels.

Generali PTE
Piotr Pindel - Board Member, Generali PTE, about Comarch Asset Management

We have chosen the Comarch solution because they have been cooperating with Generali for several years and offered us a pre-prepared product tested on the Polish market. Not without significance was the expertise of Comarch’s specialists in asset valuation and accounting as well as high quality services related to maintenance of the system.

ING Bank Śląski
Mariusz Bondarczuk - CIO, ING Bank Śląski, about Comarch banking solutions

For us, the most important factors of IT projects are innovation, consistency and predictability. Comarch is a proven, reliable partner with vast potential and highly competitive products. What is also significant, Comarch as a banking and finance market consolidator has extensive experience and know-how which brings real added value to projects carried out for the bank. The signed agreement gives us great flexibility in adapting to changing business needs and helps shape our future partnership.

Kredyt Bank
Michal Wierzchowiecki - Director of the Trade Finance Department, Kredyt Bank, about Comarch Factoring

The Comarch Factoring platform implementation forms a part of the bank’s liability discounting development strategy. The system will facilitate acquisition of new customers and affect the growth of the bank's innovative product offer. The solution will also provide important support for turnover growth, whereas integration of factoring processes with the bank's accounting system will help to improve factoring transaction handling.

AMC OTP Capital
Maryna Mendzebrovska - General Director, AMC OTP Capital, about Comarch Asset Management

Comarch combines the European Union and Russian markets’ experience, while offering the functionality specific to Ukrainian regulations. This enables us to operate smoothly today, and at the same time be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Robert Pielech - Director of Transactional Banking Department, Bank PEKAO S.A., about Comarch Mobile Banking

PekaoBiznes24 is nowadays the most often used business online banking in our country. The rich product offering as well as stunning capabilities of Comarch's platform make us one of the most innovative banks of the corporate and business segment in Poland.

Marian Kopa - Fund Accounting and Analyses Director, PTE PZU, about Comarch CUBE

Our mission is aimed at achieving maximum growth of the clearing unit value in the long-term by maintaining the highest level of security of investment activities simultaneously. Achieving these goals requires constant monitoring of the portfolio structure and quality as well as fund management cost analysis based on current data coming from our systems. The Comarch solution supports this process.

Jim Sumpter - Project Manager for client reporting, SKAGEN Funds

It is important for Skagen Funds to design and implement a bespoke reporting platform that can best retell the unique Skagen story. We believe that in Comarch, we have found a strong and flexible IT partner for the entire project lifecycle – from custom design, implementation and operations. This platform will help SKAGEN deliver on our client commitment to provide world-class communication and service.

Łukasz Ukleja - Organization and Information Technology Department Director, UNIQA, about Comarch CAFE for Insurance

Owing to the Comarch solution, information about promotions, new products, training and other events can reach our agents more quickly, which positively affects both the effectiveness of the company sales and the level of our customer service. We are awaiting the results of the next implementation stages with interest, when our agents will be able to use the full range of the Comarch CAFE Platform for Insurance tools.

Warta S.A.
Piotr Markiewicz - Managing Director of Property Information System Development Department at Warta S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance Company, about Comarch Asset Management

The implementation of Comarch Asset Management was driven by the need to adapt the technology to our business processes, which were modified and optimized due to the takeover of own portfolio management from third parties and integration of our companies. Thanks to the efficient management of IT resources and collaborative work, we have achieved our goals.

Bank BPH
Bartosz Zborowski - Leader of Sales Support Area, Bank BPH, about Comarch CRM Sales Management

Aggregation of information and functions in the new CRM Sales Management system is a milestone in reducing the number of systems to which customer advisors must sign in during their everyday work. The structure of the solution also allows for optimizing the flow of information. Sales results, sales plans and effectiveness of customer contacts are available simultaneously (at the appropriate level of aggregation) at the bank headquarters and its branches both for branch directors and advisors. CRM Sales Management supports all branches, call centers and brokerage offices, and is also linked to the Internet Platform, ensuring a unified view of the customer in all distribution channels.

Warta S.A.
Rafał Stankiewicz, Vice President at Warta S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance Company about Comarch Mobile Claims Adjuster

The inspection and claim adjustment in the field is an operationally critical element for us, and also generating high costs. After thorough changes in claim adjustment processes, it is time to use professional tools that allow optimal planning of inspections and support for adjusters in the field.We selected Comarch because the tool we were offered was functional. Comarch is a partner that shares its experience and knowledge, and focuses on the business goal we want to achieve.

Heiko de Simone, Global Online & Mobile Banking, UniCredit about Comarch Personal Finance Management

We at UniCredit are very satisfied with the results, outstripping out expectations. Over one in four customers have access to the PFM, with one in three visiting regularly. From a qualitative point of view our customers have reacted very positively. According to the feedback received, the service has been appreciated as ‘simple to use’, ‘catchy’ and ‘intuitive.

Ewa Karczmarczyk, Financial Operations Department Director, Aegon about Comarch Commission & Incentive

In our business, we do our best to keep relationships with our customers and partners always at the highest level. From our point of view, it is extremely important to have a comprehensive product range that meets the needs of our customers, and a professionally managed sales network as it is the first line of contact with them. We needed a flexible tool that would allow developing and managing extensive sales network structures, both internal and external ones, as well as defining multi-layered and complex incentive programs, remuneration plans and settlements of such a network. Not without significance was also the need to automate most of accounting operations and create additional sub-ledgers for Aegon Group companies and our key partners.

ERGO Partners
Luuk Lodewijks, Commercial director at ERGO Partners about Comarch Mobile Insurance Advisor

Cooperation with Comarch will allow us to equip our sales network with a tool that can be used anywhere and anytime, in order to facilitate face-to-face advisory and sales at agencies, business centers or customer locations. The main goal of the project is to stimulate advice-based sales and create unique offerings with the aim of making the customer-facing process from the needs-analysis to the underwriting forms efficient and easy to use.

Hans Christian Schwarz, President of UNIQA Group in Poland

Implementing the new Sales Service Portal is another step in the realization of our mission to be a new generation insurer. UNIQA’s ambition and goal is to deliver the most modern solutions for products as well as processes allowing maximum comfort and effectiveness of work for our insurance sales managers and partners. Functionalities guaranteed by the Sales Service Portal definitely affect the quality and organization of agents’, sales unit directors’ and HQ managers’ work. They will also be valued by insurance brokers and car dealers who work in cooperation with UNIQ.

BNP Paribas Fortis
Przemyslaw Gorecki, Electronic Distribution Channels Director, BNP Paribas Fortis, about Comarch Internet Banking

Due to the implementation of the Comarch Internet Banking platform, we can boast one of the best internet banking facilities in the country. It is very important to us to give our clients innovative solutions and to fulfill their highest expectations. We realize that the most important challenge is to keep the client from going to another bank.

Bank BPH
Celina Waleśkiewicz, Director of the e-Banking Department, Bank BPH about Comarch CRM Sales Management

Improving the effectiveness of processes was only the first step. The next involved taking advantage of the new solution’s flexibility with increasingly intensive, numerous, and successful marketing campaigns, produced using CRM Analysis. The sales generated thanks to our integrated CRM are currently a vital part of our business.