The new NOL3 was launched at Alior Bank’s brokerage house. Comarch’s trading platform, enhanced with a new transaction module and new functionalities which enable adapting to the ever-changing  stock market situation, and the automation of investment strategies, is now available to Alior’s clients.

Comarch NOL 3 is a fully developed application that enables real-time tracking of quotations and trading of financial instruments listed on the stock exchange or other trading facilities. It also carries out analysis of current and past market trends, as well as creating individual investment strategies tailored to the investor profile. NOL3 is used by brokerage offices in Poland’s leading banks : BZ WBK (AIB Group), BPH (Ge Capital Group), Alior Bank (Carlo Tassara Group) and Bank Ochrony Srodowiska.

The newest version of NOL3, developed for Alior Bank’s clients, was enhanced with a transaction module which will satisfy the needs of beginner and experienced investors. We put great emphasis on functionality and ease of use, that’s why our customers don’t have to review specific parameters (i.e. portfolio and OTP condition) when placing orders. Functionalities such as an automatically updated tab containing all values within the brokerage account and price tracking, which enables automatic updates of the price limit on the placed order, are also worth mentioning - says Wojciech Wyżga e-brokerage director at Alior Bank’s brokerage office.

- We are currently working on further functionalities in NOL3, which have to do with the demands of the Universal Trading Platform,  the new trading system to be deployed on  the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2012 – says Grzegorz Prosowicz, Business Development Manager at Comarch SA – Comarch Online Trading platform (NOL3) is the most up to date tool on the Polish market. NOL3 provides access to current exchange quotations and information, market and value analyses, and enables carrying out typical Order Management System (OMS)tasks, such as placing orders straight from the exchange rates table and sending them to the market at the appropriate time.

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