Comarch facilitates the use of a new tool in  the Contact Center application dedicated to supervisors and managers of  consultants.

Its main tasks are:

  • complex outbound campaign preparation,
  • management of all campaigns conducted by the Contact Center,
  • creation of new campaigns in a way that assures effective realization,
  • load forecasting based on historical data,
  • graphical and numerical presentation of  sectional data on effectiveness of work performed by consultants and on the phone line load.

Phone line load

This is the main workspace for supervisors, where historical data on external phone calls is  presented in detail and divided into different periods. Based on historical data, the application forecasts the load of a line within the current period. Data concerning forecasted external campaigns is also entered into forecasts.

Work schedule
This functionality enables the organization and planning of consultants work within the entire call center. This application supports such processes as:

  • assigning an employee to a shift,
  • planning of employee absences,
  • moving employees to inbound or outbound phone calling.

During the planning of the consultants work schedules, the IT system automatically converts the attendance possibilities of  the call center to a given number of consultants and compares it with currently held or planned campaigns. Based on this, information on surplus’ or shortages in attendance possibilities is presented.

Campaign management
This application has a functionality which enables indicating with a cross all current or planned campaigns within the call center. In the reports section all active or completed campaigns at a given time can be marked graphically. This functionality enables effectively and clearly managing large numbers of campaigns. The possibility to  easily switch from a graph to details of a campaign is the additional facilitation in the area of campaign monitoring. After clicking on the campaign chart bar, all details of forecasted results, priority and level of realization are shown.

New campaign
The most important functionalities of call center software are those which enable the preparation of an outbound campaign. In the Comarch Contact Center application there is a number of tools, which can be  divided into two areas:

  • tools which facilitate campaign preparation directly, such as phone call script building or the target group selection tool;
  • tools which allow the scheduling of a campaign in a way that allows you to conduct it within an established time.
    This includes:
    - assigning employees to a campaign,
    - work schedule planning for a campaign,
    - presentation of campaign realization estimates which takes current phone line loads into consideration.

These tools aid the planning of a new campaign in such a way that enables a company to avoid conflict with currently running campaigns and to complete campaigns within a desired period of time.