Comarch will take part in advancing Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) at the Banking Sector Conference, which will take place in London on the 11th – 12th of February, 2010.

eBAM is a new initiative for banks and entrepreneurs aimed at easing and improving the management of a company’s accounts. This is to be achieved through the introduction of standard messages for opening, closing and managing accounts, which will also comply with SWIFT regulations. Moreover eBAM will enable development of standards for sending messages.

As explained by Anna Wierzchucka, Business Development Manager at Comarch, this feature holds enormous potential for the development of transactional banking. Large corporations have increasingly more accounts in various banks throughout the world. These accounts are currently being managed through individual visits to a bank or by Internet banking websites that are different for each bank. This manner of dealing with multiple accounts generates high costs and is time-consuming. Thanks to the eBAM solution these processes can be unified (including by means of the SWIFT format) and automatically sent to all partner banks.

This compelling conference topic, which arouses widespread interest among banking sector representatives, has lured conference delegates from the biggest banks in Europe.

Comarch meets the needs of banks thinking about implementing the eBAM solution in 2010 as a means for gaining competitive advantage. You are highly encouraged to contact a Comarch expert to discuss these conference issues in greater details.