Implementation of the Comarch Asset Management system in Aviva PTE (pension fund management company) Aviva BZ WBK SA has proved to be a success. Aviva PTE manages the second largest pension fund in Poland. It has more than 2.7 mln clients with an asset value of some PLN 53 bln. The new system limits the work entailed in the management of assets and automates many processes connected with valuation and external reporting.

As part of the project, Comarch implemented a complex solution which handles management processes and asset valuation. The Comarch Asset Management system carries out various activities connected with the handling of open pension funds as well as PTE’s, from asset management through transaction and settlements verification and introduction of other necessary operations, to a valuation of all assets. It also calculates the value of a participation unit and generates obligatory reports, including daily files for the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC).

- The wide functionalities of Comarch Asset Management allow a complex automation of the client’s business processes and guarantee an ergonomic service. Among others, the system monitors and controls cash liquidity, and instances when investment limits are exceeded, in real time, - says Comarch’s project manager Marcin Toś. - Comarch Asset Management is a very flexible tool, which can easily be adapted to client needs, as was done in the case of Aviva PTE.

- The analysis and management process of the requirements essential for such a wide scope of changes required particular effort and commitment from the project team, says, Aviva’s head project analyst, Robert Pacoszka.- Additional limitations caused by implementation deadlines posed a significant challenge. They required us to be disciplined and to approach the analytical work in a methodical manner.

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