The Comarch Insurance Claims solution fully complied with Celent’s requirements as far as business functionality, technical architecture and the number of references were concerned. The system was awarded with a full profile in the European Claims Vendors in 2010 report.

Celent examined 21 vendors but gave full reviews to only 10 systems deployed in Europe, which were endorsed by at least one reference. According to Celent, claims handling and management is still very popular among European insurers. Effective claims handling, as well as underwriting, are crucial to the success of the insurance business. The survey results confirm the importance of claims handling in ensuring the satisfaction of insurers, which leads to increased customer retention.

Comarch Insurance Claims is a modern solution providing comprehensive support of all types of life insurance claims. The system helps to reduce the costs incurred in processing claims by automating processes and eliminating most of the tasks based on paper documents. Comarch Insurance Claims offers a procedural approach to task realization owing to its high flexibility, scalability and complexity. Comarch’s offer also includes systems and modules dedicated to handling property claims.

Celent is a research and consulting company focused on the application of information technology in the global financial services industry.

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