ING Bank Slaski has expanded its ING Web Service with the possibility of sending transfers. The service is an implementation of the Comarch Host to Host Banking solution, which provides the bank clients with much faster and more efficient information exchange between their ERP /financial-accounting systems and the bank systems.

Comarch Host to Host Banking allows to download bank statements several times a day and enter them automatically into the ERP system. That speeds up communication between the bank and the client. The solution significantly simplifies the process of sending orders by the ING Bank clients. Payment orders are signed in the ERP system (single authorization point) and transferred directly from the ERP system to the main banking system without any intermediary. Such a solution improves security, speed and comfort of the transaction execution.

The solution is based on the following standards:

  • ISO20022 - a common platform for messaging system in the standard XML syntax developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for the financial sector,
  • Recommendation of Polish Banks Association of March 29th 2011 on adoption of the standard financial data exchange between the client and the bank, and the bank and the client on the Polish market,
  • Comarch recommendations in areas not defined in the above regulations.

‘One of the main benefits of using the ING WebService is time saving. The transmission of financial data is performed quicker as the processing is simplified through constant access to documents and online data exchange. It can significantly increase the efficiency of accounting processes in the companies of our customers’, says Adam Walendziewski , responsible for electronic banking services for corporate clients at ING Bank Slaski.

It is worth mentioning that the use of the Comarch Host to Host Banking solution by the bank clients does not entail any significant cost increase. The client employees continue working in their ERP system and they use it to communicate with the bank.

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