Comarch has implemented its Comarch DRACO identity management system at Alior Bank. Comarch Draco has been delivering secure information flows with access and authorization management to Alior bank since the very beginning of its operation.

The Comarch Security Access Manager System (DRACO) is used both for access authentication and for the authorization of customer and employee operations at Alior.  DRACO provides security for Alior’s Internet banking system, which is available to Alior customers at

In addition to DRACO, Comarch has also implemented two other products from its portfolio of proprietary security systems at Alior: Comarch Certificate Authority (CA) and Comarch SmartToken.

‘Thanks to DRACO, Alior Bank has a uniform access management and user identity model for its electronic banking platform. The bank has placed a great deal of emphasis on security and this is why operations authorization is conducted using certificates created by the CA system and stored on hardware tokens. Certificates are also used for authentication which means that verifying whether someone is authorized to use a banking system can take place even before any of the transaction pages have been displayed,’ says Tomasz Śnieżyński, Director of IT Security Consulting at Comarch SA.

Comarch DRACO enables flexible security management and integrates authorization methods based on SMS codes, masked passwords and cryptographic tokens. Comarch DRACO is one of many interlinked elements forming Alior Bank’s security policy. The others include anti-phishing images, virtual keyboards providing security against spyware, incident monitoring and event notifications. The confidentiality of the information sent between Internet banking service users and Alior Bank is protected by the VeriSign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL certificate.

‘This is a bank you can trust,’ says Tomasz Kwiecień, Comarch SA’s Sales Director, ‘I am convinced that if, in the future, new authorization and authentication methods appear, which could be deployed on such a large scale within retail banking, then Alior will be one of the leaders in this technology.’

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