Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance gets you the best user experience

Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance is a software by Comarch aimed at giving everyone an easier time with the health insurance process. It’s a tool for agents, brokers, and back-office employees, that allows for the smooth sale of insurance policies.

Our software is an excellent tool that brings you all kinds of things that are needed to make the experience easy for the end-clients, while also fast enough for the agents. It’s fully digitized health insurance without bureaucracy and overspending. What’s more, it’s also available in the cloud (PaaS model).

Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance gives you:

  • Utility — by improving data availability, presenting it all in one place;
  • Speed — thanks to a quick sale, underwriting decision, and after-sale operation processing;
  • Flexibility — in management of insurances products’  parameters;
  • Proficiency — by bringing the right to upgrade your software;
  • Sustainability — giving the possibility to cut costs and exploitation of resources;

among many other advantages to experience!

Thanks to our new website about this software, our clients can find more information. Clients can also request a video demo to see it in action.

Visit Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance website to get to know more:

CDI for Health Insurance