A new version of the Comarch Contact Center application has been specialized for corporate customer service. Its main purpose is to streamline the flow of information for corporate customers as well as the automation of service processes. The functional extension includes the reception and processing of requests and complaints as  well as support of mobile advisors. Customer files have also undergone significantly development.

In the new version of the application, the tasks module has been changed. All functionalities related to customer services have been optimized from the standpoint of a corporate customer’s requirements and have also been automated to a great extent.  For example, a new request registered during a conversation with a customer is automatically given a number and an appropriate classification status. The system also assigns the time required for its realization.  If anybody in the department specializes in the resolution of such cases, the system routes them accordingly.

The rules which determine the relationships and interaction between customers and consultants have been modified as well.  In  particular, the fact that every corporate customer has a permanently assigned advisor has been accounted for.  Apart from the fact that there is one telephone number which the customer can call to reach the Contact Center, the application assures that the customer is connected with the advisor that is assigned to them.

The corporate version of Comarch Contact Center facilitates the work of mobile advisors to a great extent.  Thanks to the synchronization of data between the applications installed in the call center as  well as in the advisor’s notebook, the advisor is sure that they have all the information recently registered in the call center.  This explicitly facilitates commercial negotiations to a great extent and renders the delivered services more professional.

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