Comarch Finance, Banking and Insurance Sector systems have once again been honoured by Gazeta Bankowa. This year, the Comarch CAFE platform was recommended in the 'Solutions' category, while the Comarch Internet Banking system implemented at Fortis Bank Polska SA was endorsed in the 'Electronic banking and e-finance' category.

Slawomir Gierek, Head of the CRM and Portals Subcenter in the Finance, Banking and Insurance consulting department at Comarch, commented:

-The Gazeta Bankowa recommendation is a clear sign that the CAFE platform is at the top of the wave in meeting contemporary trends and requirements on the finance market. The major direction for its future development will be the business administration aspect. It's crystal clear now that systems with a hard dividing line between modules and functionalities are disappearing onto the scrap heap. The future belongs to open platforms allowing you to build solutions that are more like portals than transaction systems, with the configuration for the business administrators as simple as putting toy building bricks together - but in this case by clicking away at a mouse.   

The CAFE Platform solution provides a complete environment for branches, contact centers and other divisions of financial institutions. The basic idea is for CAFE to be a unified technology platform accommodating all the functional modules accessible to users. As it uses portlet architecture and is based on the Comarch CMS system, the form and content the user sees can be fully managed from the business perspective. This makes adapting the work environment to changing business needs, combining business and informational functions, or even business and Intranet functions, easier than ever. Coming in to work, the employee only has to log in to one system. Ranging from general company information to cash transactions conducted over the counter, this provides all the options needed.