CeFPro 2022: Comarch is now in Fintech Leaders Top30 

CeFPro 2022: Comarch is now in Fintech Leaders Top30 

After last year’s Top50 success in the CeFPro Fintech Leaders Report, Comarch now enters the Top30, jumping 17 places. In addition, the company has been acknowledged for outstanding Cyber Fraud Prevention in Europe and shortlisted in Anti-Fraud and Cyber Security categories. In 2021, Comarch had received the title of a “Rising Star”.

CeFPro (The Center for Financial Professionals) are an international research organization with a long history of engagement within the finance industry. Their annual report, sometimes called “the voice of the industry”, is considered to be the most comprehensive business intelligence study on the status of fintech. It is supported by 60+ business professionals known as the Advisory Board, who share their observations and knowledge with regard to the survey.

Security is key
The key word of the 2022 report is security. Financial institutions consider it the biggest obstacle, but also a great fintech opportunity and an investment priority. That is because most elements of the fintech industry rely on effective cybersecurity measures. Almost 9 out of 10 respondents ranked cybersecurity as very important or most significant in the following years. Anti-fraud took the second place in terms of the best investment areas. 

Cybersecurity was ranked highest in all areas of the Fintech Leaders report, as voted by nearly 2,000 respondents. The global pandemic has accelerated the financial services industry into greater mobile and digital services, which in turn has meant increased security risks. Comarch has been recognised in Europe as a leader in this area, and is continuing to rise in the fintech community, said Andreas Simou, Managing Director at the Center for Financial Professionals (CeFPro).


Comarch on the rise
The respondents of the CeFPro survey chose the leaders of the industry – companies that have a huge impact and a responsibility to shape the future of the financial technology market. The 2022 report clearly shows how the pandemic has influenced the current fintech situation and which areas need improvement. Comarch proves to be one of the firms that are prepared for what lies ahead, not only in terms of cybersecurity but also with regard to the general use of AI – the technology of the future.

It is no surprise, then, that Comarch’s fraud prevention products have been appreciated. Comarch is an established solution provider; they specialize in security hardware and innovative software, like authentication & authorization tools with uncompromised user experience. Having been called “one to look out for” in the 2021 report, this year the company have solidified their position on the fintech market by leaping to Top30.


What’s next
The report, conducted with the future of fintech in mind, examines financial risks, technology advances, governance and regulatory compliances, and more issues crucial to the industry. The collective conclusion of respondents and analysts is that in 2022, cybersecurity is what will tie everything together. Hence, the logical next step for financial institutions and fintech companies like Comarch would be to invest even more time and resources in the online safety of business clients and end customers. 

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