The Evolving World of FinTech, Robo, AI, ML, Data, Analytics & Digital Solutions

If you want to know:

  • Where precisely along this chain will digital solutions be in even greater demand in the months and years ahead?
  • How are the incumbents and the new entrants improving their digital platforms and capabilities?
  • How can banks and wealth managers serve the mass-affluent segment better and improve the proposition?
  • How must they evolve their operating model?
  • What’s their strategy to build the wealth business and How can they increase profitability and reduce cost?
  • How can they build digital solutions that see to the clients’ needs first, and then work backwards from there to implement the optimal outcomes for all parties?
  • How can digital technologies help local players compete effectively against the international banks and leading asset management firms?
  • How can robo-advisory, language processing, enhanced data, state-of-the-art analytics, AI, and machine learning come together to improve client engagement and the efficiency and capabilities of the forward-facing advisors?

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Michael Stanhope, Founder & Chief Executive Officer Hubbis


Dominik Łyżwa, Business Consultant, Comarch
Michiel van Selm, Chief Operating Officer, Canopy
Wael Salem, Chief Executive Officer, Tradesocio
Stef Nielen, Director of Strategic Business Development, Asset Control
Dr. Richard Dratva, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Crealogix
Neil Thomas, Head Sales, Asia Pacific, SIX

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