The engine of the factoring


How the factoring system can help the end customer?

One of the biggest advantages of the system is the speed at which funds are transferred to the customer’s account after the invoice is submitted for purchase.

Another important feature is the reporting – the module provided by the system, because transparent reports can greatly facilitate the work of the accounting department.

For the system to be complete it must be built on the basis of the latest UX trends and cooperation with end customers in this area is the ideal direction! Because who will rate the system better than the user who works on it almost every single day?


How a factoring system can improve the employees’ work?

An efficient payment matching module is the basis for good factoring software. It facilitates the work of system operators and shortens the time of settling payments coming from contractors. This allows factor employees to focus on even better cooperation with the customer.

Another important aspect is communication between the employees of the factoring company. Efficient exchange of information and transparent notifications will improve the daily work of people who approve contracts, increase factoring limits or add new contractors.

To summarize these are just some examples of tools that drive the engine of the factoring system.

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