Business process automation: set-it-and-forget-it

Which banking process has the lowest error and cost rate? The one that doesn’t exist.

Wait, what?

Jokes, aside: if you go to any bank and ask a random employee whether they have much work to do, then most certainly you’ll hear the same answer each and every time: ‘we are overburdened with tasks’.

In a large part, that’s because many banks, for whatever reason, still favor manual way of doing things: paper applications and agreements.

Not to mention the mysterious necessity of keeping a galaxy of innumerable systems that store records. If a customer requires a simple piece of data to be changed, it must be done in multiple places. Operational nightmare.

Things get much better if the processes are semi- or fully-automated. Paper is out, business automation is in.

Suppose you want to change your status on Facebook. Or add a new picture to your wall. Fine, but first things first: filling out an application form, paying a visit to a Facebook branch (if there was one), obtaining a signature, and a stamp too. Two days go by, and you’re done.

Sounds inane? Yet, if you want to change any details in your banking system, you contact your Relationship Manager, right?

Luckily, the solution is near. In our corporate and SME banking systems, multiple banking processes can be shifted away from front- and middle-office employees directly to the customer.

Super users in a given company can manage all users, add new users, change profiles, manage accounts and many more. The best part is, all of this work is done on the customer side and the bank people don’t even have to know about it. That’s business process automation at its best.

Besides, why would the bank people even want to know a user keeps forgetting their password, and it must be restored for them every day? We have a win-win situation here: customers can instantaneously manage themselves without the bank having to keep any tabs on the process.

Instead of overburdening your bank’s employees with paperwork, let them do what really brings positive impact to your business. Let them spend time working with your customers, not with piles of paper or in dark archives. Just place your bets on business automation. It’s worth it, we promise.

Dariusz Trocyszyn, Business Solutions Consultant, Comarch

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