Comarch CertificateAuthority is our proprietary software for the full implementation of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) systems. This involves issuing certificates for secure email, web servers, communication channels, and user authentication and authorization.

Comarch CertificateAuthority supports the entire certificate life cycle from application through to expiry or annulment. It has three components:

  • Registration Authority Module (RA), which allows users to submit applications
  • Registration Authority Operator Module (RA Operator), which receives applications
  • Certificate Authority Module (CA), which issues certificates

Comarch CertificateAuthority Features:

  • Capacity to establish expanded Public Key Infrastructure with numerous distributed registration points
  • Profile definitions
  • Highly adaptable to individual requirements
  • Full compatibility and interoperability with a wide range of cryptographic software
  • Range of options for publishing certificates and CRLs via mail, ftp, WWW, LDAP 
  • Interoperability with smartcards
  • Interoperability with HSM (High Security Module) devices
  • Certificate/key recovery (KRM – Key Recovery Management)
  • OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) service

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