The latest issue of Comarch Technology Review Magazine – Finance Edition is out now. It focuses on the latest technology trends in banking, insurance, investments and IT security. In addition to interesting articles, there are plenty of information from the world of finance as well as case studies of Comarch implementations.

’In the latest issue of Comarch Technology Review Magazine – Finance Edition we focus, as always, on technological innovation in the financial industry. Until quite recently, the financial sector was perceived as conservative when it came to state-of-the-art technology – it focused primarily on the efficiency of back-office systems, which improved business processes, and was far from social media, gadgets and mobile devices. Currently, we can observe that the financial sector is very susceptible to the latest technologies. Bank customers can already make transfers through Facebook and smartphones, financial advisors and insurance agents serve their customers using mobile applications, banks use cloud services, and millionaires keep the information about their assets on tablets. All this, and much more of the gripping content can be found in the latest issue of our magazine’ – highlights Anna M. Lik, Editor-in-Chief of Comarch Technology Review – Finance Edition. ‘We hope that our experts’ articles will encourage readers to use technological innovations in their own enterprises and institutions’.

Technology Review – Finance Edition 2014 selected articles:

  • New face of corporate banking  by Agnieszka Piróg
  • Factoring in the cloud by Milan Popović
  • Millionaires with tablets by Bartosz Czyż & Anna Sacha
  • Human psyche – the weakest link byTomasz Śnieżyński
  • Telecoms and banks – married for better or worse? by Łukasz Luzar
  • Between cloud and regulations by Adam Tymofiejewicz
  • Flat design – a fad or a trend by Jan Witkowski
  • Bank 3.0 – a relationship without secrets by Anna.M. Lik
  • Innovative solutions supporting mobile sales by Maciej Ślósarczyk
  • Bank as a technological boutique by Monika Tomkiewicz.

Comarch Technology Review (Finance Edition) is a free magazine published by Comarch covering latest market trends and developments from banking, insurance and capital markets industries. You can download it here.