A survey carried out by Innovations (source: bobsguide.com), found that only 25% of the surveyed companies were able to introduce changes to rating models in IT systems in less than 1 day. 120 surveyed firms were of the opinion that the introduction of such changes is very time consuming.

Flexibility and the ability to configure rating tools is very important, especially now in the post crisis climate, when banks are introducing new regulations  geared toward loan risk minimalization.

The Comarch Rating System is a Risk Management solution that allows for the dynamic modification of formulas and rating models. The business administrator is able to introduce the necessary changes on his own - in real time - without support from the IT department. He is also responsible for assessing when these changes will be taken into account in the process of risk assessment. One of the many characteristics of the Comarch Rating System is also the possibility to retain historical data as well as to carry out a rating automatically. This is especially important in monitoring processes.

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