Comarch is featured in Celent’s report among 18 policy administration systems vendors in Europe. Comarch is among the 10 vendors with full profiles. Only systems that have been deployed in Europe and have had at least one stand-alone claims system reference were eligible for a full profile.

The solution described in this report is Comarch Insurance Claims. This solution provides comprehensive support for claims and benefits handling. The functionality of the system includes all the processes connected with claims management: notification, registration, verification, payments, claims browsing, payment and refusal decisions, payment and document registration, claim cancelling and closure.
Comarch Insurance Claims gathers information and identifies parties associated with the case including the beneficiary. Thanks to this each user has access to the correct information about the current status of the claim and can inform the client at any time about the progress of the case. Many operations are performed automatically. Their range can be specified during definition of claims handling process.  The fully-automated process of claims registration and handling can support an insurance company with improved customer satisfaction as a result of timely payments and professional service.
Comarch solutions for insurance were also mentioned in Celent’s last year’s reports. Comarch Nonlife Insurance was presented in the “Policy Administration The System for General Insurers in Europe 2011” report and Comarch Life Insurance was featured in the “EMEA Policy Administration The System 2011: Life and Pension ABCD Vendor View” report. 

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