Comarch invites you to the webinar and the whitepaper Digital Transformation in Wealth Management

Digital Transformation in Wealth Management
Comarch in cooperation with Ditto

Along with the white paper that follows, the webinar explores how technology is improving the experience of both the customer and advisor, satisfying the needs of today’s affluent and improving services internally.

Global wealth creation continues apace – the rich are getting richer and there are more of them. At the same time, wealth management is becoming more technology oriented, including the client/advisor relationship. High net-worth individuals (HNWIs) enjoy digital tools in many aspects of their lives and they expect the same when it comes to managing their wealth.

Most clients are taking their wealth management experience online across multiple devices, but personal contact with advisors remains important. That is why advisors have become more digitally enabled and better connected than ever before.

Download the webinar and the white paper to learn how technology is changing the nature of wealth management and the client/advisor relationship.


- David Derenik, Managing Director, CEE CIB&PB, UniCredit

- Carol Ward, Chief Operating Office, MAN GLG

- Dominik Lyzwa, Business Consultant, Comarch

- Michael Imeson, Senior Content Editor at Financial Times Live (Moderator)