Comarch Anti-Money Laundering wins the “Hit of the Year” title for 2019

For the 17th time in a row, the editors of "Gazeta Bankowa", a Polish banking magazine, have indicated the most interesting technology innovations on the domestic financial market. Among them was the Comarch Anti-Money Laundering system.

"Hit of the Year" is a contest selecting the most innovative IT solutions for companies and institutions. It is divided into 3 categories: "Banking", "Insurance and other financial institutions" and – recently added – "Industry 4.0". The latter refers to the so-called fourth industrial revolution, which consists in the integration of physical objects with the information network.

This year, in the "Banking" category, the Comarch Anti-Money Laundering system was named a hit. Its main task is to monitor transactions and identify money laundering attempts, while the most important feature it has is the ability to draw conclusions from its analyses. Because the system is AI-based, it understands the relationships and similarities between data, and in so doing, it can better detect and predict anomalies.

This year, the jury included Prof. Maciej Chorowski – Director of the National Centre for Research and Development, Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska – President of the Board of the Chamber of Digital Economy, and Dr. Andrzej Sobczak from the Institute of Computer Science and Digital Economy at the Warsaw School of Economics.

The award ceremony took place on April 24 this year in the "Senator" office building in Warsaw. Guests of the evening were laureates, government officials, financial sector specialists, company owners, or bank directors.  

We are most pleased with the fact that projects, which until a few years ago were listed as ultra-modern technologies of the future, are today granted awards for successful implementations. This applies to AI, IoT, blockchain and cloud technologies, Big Data and telematics – commented Maciej Wośko, editor-in-chief of "Gazeta Bankowa", on the results of this year's edition of the contest.