Comarch at “Malaysia -  An Update on the Wealth Management Market’s Evolution”
Malaysia is not anywhere near as populous as its ASEAN neighbours such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia or the Philippines. But the economy and the financial markets are well advanced, and there is immense private wealth, much of it historically managed through Hong Kong, Singapore or further afield in Europe. Accordingly, the wealth management model is more advanced than in neighbouring countries

Are Malaysia’s private clients engaging with these concepts, the products and solutions and the increasingly digitised methods of delivery? And how is the industry coping with the implications of the pandemic? The overall mission for all the industry players is to significantly boost the variety and diversity of products on offer and the professionalism of the advisors and the industry at large, but the big question is exactly how this can be achieved, and at what pace. 

Panel of experts, including Sławomir Wójcik Comarch Wealth Management Product Manager,   will debate these topics in what will be an in-depth and informative Hubbis Digital Dialogue on March 16th.

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