Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials

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Driven by everyday needs of insurance agents and sales partners, designed for boosting their business performance and facilitating their work – a must for any insurer!

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Desire to accelerate and improve the performance of your insurance sales force performance? Want to keep your insurance agents satisfied, engaged and productive? Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials is what your insurance company needs!

This comprehensive insurance agent application provides tools ensuring an effective sales process, useful features associated with portfolio maintenance, as well as a convenient way to monitor portfolio performance and share corporate know-how in one insurance agent portal.

Key business advantages

All-in-one approach

Access for agents to all essential business features in one consistent insurance agent application without the need to manually navigate across multiple environments

Various insurance lines combined

One insurance sales force application combining various product lines regardless of their types (life/non-life, etc.) and the number of supporting core systems

Work digitization & acceleration

Innovative online answer to insurance agent community needs, saving precious time to widen the customer portfolio faster and smarter than before

Architecture opened for existing solutions

Cooperation with other systems accordingly to their functions e.g. data master systems, product & calculation engines, core back-end solutions ensured in a user-friendly insurance agent application thanks to standardized communication and data exchange

Readiness for evolution & growth

Ready for dynamic changes resulting in constant development and business growth, and many future enhancements

User comfort & experience first

Responsive insurance agent portal designed with great attention to UX and UI, making users more satisfied

Short time to market

Easy implementation of new insurance products by Comarch or insurer’s IT department or third party vendors

Plugin-like approach

Product definition including business rules and algorithms which can be created and modified in the application or reused from the core systems

comarch insurance agent essentials


  • All types of life and non-life insurance products, all business lines, all communication channels included
  • Web-application accessible via browsers on any device
  • Highly responsive screens keeping the user engaged and satisfied
  • Plugin-like approach for efficient implementation of insurance products
  • Data exchange layer reducing dependency from third party systems
  • Web service-based approach
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) facilitating integration with external systems


Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials


Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials is an innovative insurance distribution software, employing modern technologies and ensuring top look and feel. It supports insurance sales force by facilitating their everyday work and lets them successfully achieve their business goals. Check out our success stories of this insurance agent portal or contact us directly to learn more.

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Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials at UNIQA

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