Manage e-commerce sales with Comarch Master Data Management

Our new reality forces companies to optimize internal processes while maintaining business continuity. This means there is a heightened need for audits of the transmission processes and analysis of product data. We must carefully evaluate our processes of organizing, verifying, managing, and maintaining business-relevant information.

Effective master data management can drive greater accuracy and consistency of data. This can be essential in driving internal operations, guaranteeing the ability to apply data for competitive advantage, and reducing waste in terms of time and resources.


Online shopping to maintain the competitiveness of different industries

While the global economy is in crisis, online shopping (especially in retail) is becoming vital in maintaining sales. The volume of transactions processed in online retail has increased by approximately 74% compared to March last year, according to analysis provided by ACI Worldwide .

Increased demand for online shopping is putting high pressure on companies to adapt to global market changes and meet the growing expectations of consumers. In order to maintain their competitiveness on the market, entrepreneurs must pay close attention to the changes taking place in the economy and try to adapt to the current situation. Along with the smooth exchange of product data between suppliers and recipients, quality of data is also of great importance. Whether in the fashion, electronics or retail sectors, there is no doubt that the physical store is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Comarch MDM features that help you manage online sales

In response to the changing economy, Comarch is approaching your company with its ready to implement solution called Master Data Management. This is a central catalog of products in the cloud, ensuring effective management of product data as well as the exchange of such data with business partners. The solution is GS1 certified. Holistic views of operations and product data synchronization with all trading partners are supported by the features listed below.

Data validation and automatic audit trails

Precision is one of the main features that should characterize product descriptions in online shopping channels. Accurate functional descriptions, such as proper usage, dimensions, and high-quality photos are among the many requirements that should be included in an effectively managed product catalog. Thanks to Comarch’s multidimensional approach to product data, MDM offers data validation and automatic audit trails to ensure excellent quality of the product data presented in various channels. Our platform has been designed to automatically verify the accuracy and completeness of the transferred data, thereby preventing duplication. The system automatically checks the structural correctness of the files and their business compatibility. As a result, you can verify whether an order, invoice, shipping advice, or any other document is consistent with the data stored in the MDM system.

Optimization of data sharing through a unique channel

By combining our MDM system with Comarch's EDI platform, you can be sure that both the quality of shared data and the optimization of all supply chain processes will be significantly improved. Automated information flows streamline the processes of collecting and verifying product data as well as the processes of transferring data to target systems. As a result, all data are combined into one single file, which can be transferred to or from Comarch MDM and distributed to partners or internal systems. In this way, the process becomes fully automatic, faster, and simpler.

Constant access to your data and automatic system updates

Online shopping provides a comprehensive set of information related to a particular product or service, and so does Comarch Master Data Management. As a cloud-based solution, you can access your data whenever you need to. The system is automatically updated, which means your data are always reliable. All changes made by your partners are reflected in the application and can be managed at the user level thanks to the built-in acceptance workflows. Having your data collected in the cloud ensures that the information is backed up and protected in a safe and secure location. Being able to access your product information in a centralized repository available to the whole organization allows you to conduct business in an optimal way while, at the same time, minimizes loss of productivity.

Effective master data management can drive greater accuracy and consistency of data, which can be an asset in driving internal operations, guaranteeing the ability to apply data to gain a competitive advantage, and reducing waste in terms of time and resources.

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