GS1 Connect Conference in Denver

Comarch has been the main sponsor of the event organized in the United States by GS1 for several years. The theme of this year's GS1 Connect conference in Denver, Colorado, which took place between June 5th-7th, was the optimization of supply chain processes, promotion and development of GS1 standards, and digitization of areas related to logistics in the retail, pharma, fashion, and FMCG industries, and other sectors. The participants were representatives of the above-mentioned industries and service providers. As one of the main sponsors, we had the opportunity to give a presentation on this subject, which was very well received.

GS1 has initiated a transformation in product identification and changed the way the world does business. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the standardization of information. GS1 US has over 300,000 members, and administers the Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode, as well as other information standards and data carriers such as GTIN, GLN, SSCC, EPCIS, which are the most widely used supply chain standards in the world.

GS1 US works with business and industry to encourage the adoption and use of solutions based on GS1 standards that can help improve business processes. Therefore, since Comarch solutions are closely related to GS1 standards, our participation in the conference was necessary. Comarch is a certified data pool in the GDSN network, which enables companies around the world to exchange standard product master data with their business partners. The operating logic of the MDM product, which is a product catalog connected to the GDSN network, is mainly based on this assumption. Comarch EDI uses all the above-mentioned concepts. In addition, in commercial projects implemented in the United States by Comarch, they are obliged to verify the logistics label SSCC according to the scheme created by GS1.

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