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Digital innovation is revolutionizing Supply Chain and e-Invoicing processes, optimizing internal business workflows and reducing costs in process management.

On January 1st 2019 the new regulations introducing mandatory electronic invoicing among private companies will come into force and more than a half of Italian companies consider it a great opportunity to improve business processes.

What is more, Blockchain technology, born and initially applied in financial sector, is being adopted also in Supply Chain and e-Invoicing processes.

But how are digitalization and automation of invoicing processes evolving in the light of the new regulations? What are the major e-Invoicing challenges for business? What are the benefits and opportunities related to the adoption of Blockchain technology to Supply Chain and e-Invoicing processes?

We will answer these and many other questions at the e-Invoicing Lab. Amongst the speakers we will welcome the experts from Observatory e-Invoicing & e-Commerce B2b of Politecnico University of Milan and GS1 Italy.

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