Automotive Logistics UK Summit The Automotive Logistics UK Summit will be held on 5-6 October 2016 in Weybridge, UK. Mercedes-Benz World is a fantastic business facility and leisure center set within the historic Brooklands motor racing circuit.

Automotive Logistics UK is a part of a global series of networking conferences and summits which include annual events in the US and Mexico, South America, Germany, Russia, India, and China.

This huge event is a is a real windfall for the industry. Thus, the representatives of companies such as Opel, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, PSA group, Volkswagen as well as other leading car manufacturers, attend the meeting.

Comarch is a sponsor of the upcoming edition. Feel free to visit our stand or enjoy mineral water sponsored by Comarch. Our experts have already prepared a presentation on EDI and automotive industry. Save the date.

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