Comarch Medical AI Cloud
Comarch Medical AI Cloud is a set of solutions based on big data and machine learning algorithms that enhance our products with artificial intelligence. Machine learning and artificial intelligence process an unlimited amount of information, looking for correlations and irregularities. They automate processes and structure medical knowledge, thus reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of monitoring, diagnostics, and treatment. Comarch Medical AI Cloud has a wide range of application possibilities, from electronic medical records to ECG signal analysis.

Elements of Comarch Medical AI Cloud

Comarch Medical Analysis Platform (CMAP)
CMAP (Comarch Medical Analysis Platform) is an algorithmic platform designed to analyze ECG signals from devices recording heart rates. It immediately detects any irregularities and analyzes signal quality. It improves the work of doctors, significantly shortening analysis time, even for lengthy tests.
Document classifier
A document classifier which automatically assigns scanned images and photos to the correct category by adding tags to files. It is based on an optical character recognition (OCR) engine. As a result, all data are logically ordered. The document classifier also allows recognition of the content of files, as well as classification and extraction of information.
Online medical interview, based on structured knowledge, diagnostic paths, machine learning and semantic analysis of the patient’s responses. After each answer, it automatically sets the appropriate question path. It can be used to collect relevant, up to date patient information, and to suggest probable diagnoses.
Medical knowledge base
A structured database of current medical knowledge, based on scientific papers and diagnostic procedures. Thus, a map of connections between symptoms and diseases is created. Phrases, areas of medicine and diagnostic steps are appropriately classified and stored. Thanks to this we support doctors in the diagnostic process, and patients receive individually tailored information and advice.
Patient Health Metamodel
A holistic overview of a patient’s health condition, powered by information from all Comarch’s systems and applications. It presents a full medical history (diseases, medications, tests, genetic loads, treatments, etc.). The most important data are highlighted through intelligent analysis, and then presented comprehensibly. The preview can be adapted for patients, doctors or insurers, displaying elements relevant to them.

Ecosystem of products for healthcare

Comarch Healthcare offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products, consisting of EHR, Telemedicine, Hospital and Medical AI Clouds. Integration of these platforms ensures coordinated healthcare, and supports patients, their families, and medical personnel.

Comarch Medical AI Cloud benefits

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