Comarch Hospital Cloud

Comarch Hospital Cloud is a set of systems for the comprehensive management of medical facilities, regardless of their specialization and size - from small offices to multi-hospital complexes. Interoperable, integrated IT systems are fitted to each stage of patient care. These are intuitive tools that coordinate staff activities, increasing work ergonomics. They have been designed for all employees of medical facilities, taking their roles, duties, and entitlements in the organization into account. All data are stored in a secure Comarch cloud, so there is no risk of loss or unauthorized access.

Elements of Comarch Hospital Cloud

Ecosystem of products for healthcare

Comarch Healthcare offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products, consisting of EHR, Telemedicine, Hospital and Medical AI Clouds. Integration of these platforms ensures coordinated healthcare, and supports patients, their families, and medical personnel.

Comarch Hospital Cloud benefits

Flexibility and configurability

Data security, access authentication

Free customization of roles and permissions

Autosave, automatic creation of drafts

Possibility of integration with other products from Comarch and third parties

Improvement and coordination of the medical care process

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