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A BI-type solution allows the development of multi-dimensional analyses pertaining to all processes implemented in a given institution. It also offers a number of ready to use information dashboards dedicated to particular groups of workers and staff management, and creates ad hoc dashboards for the needs of specific users. 


printscreen of system Business Intelligence

  • User information dashboards containing predefined analyses and reports developed by the user or the ad hoc access levels allocated to them. 
  • Alert and reminder mechanisms, such as circulating information about irregularities (in either SMS form, or to a pager), or sending ready reports via e-mail. 
  • Multi-criterion “what if” analysis allows possible events to be simulated, and their impact on specific tasks and the whole institution to be assessed. 

Business Intelligence for hospital Comarch Healthcare

Areas of application

Unit management
Because data is processed from a number of different domain systems, Comarch BI for Healthcare gives management staff a tool allowing complete analysis and assessment of their unit’s current position, as well as the summaries for previous periods. Data can also be used to construct forecasts and budgets.
Medical personnel
The system offers numerous current analyses developed based on data from the HIS system and from, for example, epidemiological or statistical information published by cooperating institutions and units. The reports and analyses are also accessible, to authorized users, via mobile devices.
Administrative staff
The tool offers a number of ready to use reports and analyses, which may be modified and extended. The system is user-friendly, easy to use, and presents data in a transparent manner.
Reports and compilations developed using Comarch BI for Healthcare can also be made available to patients in order to encourage them to participate in prophylactic studies, or to use services.

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