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The P&C insurance market is undergoing advancing transformation. The structure of the premium written of the general insurance group is constantly changing year by year. Distribution channels and new ways of communicating with policy-holders are becoming increasingly paramount. Market competition forces improvements in the quality of customer service. Shareholders are demanding a rise in the efficiency of companies and supervisory institutions are sharpening requirements for supervisory, reporting and risk management mechanisms.



In the current situation the sustainable management of a whole insurance portfolio, the possibility of rapid definition and launch of new products and access to updated information is of growing importance. Insurance systems are central repositories of information on customers, policies and claims. The system should not only record and account the policy premium. It is necessary to define product flexibly, manage claims actively and offer insurance with the use of new distribution channels.



Comarch NonLife Insurance is an IT solution comprehensively supporting processes in the P&C insurance company. The scope of implementation can include all modules and product lines, or functional areas and products selected by the insurance company.

Comarch Insurance NonLife supports key areas of property insurance activities:

  • defining insurance products to quickly and independently expand an offer with new insurance products created from scratch or using existing ones
  • preparing offers and sales, which supports the multi-channel registration and applications service
  • managing policies of the whole life insurance business cycle
  • settlements including handling financial arrangements for the generation of premium sizes, records, premium imports, and massive reconciliation of payments
  • defining and accounting the sales network, e.g., sales structure management, record keeping of sales units, setting commission tariffs and remuneration programs, as well as charge due commissions
  • active service of claims allows the application to record losss and provide comprehensive support for liquidation
  • defining workflows to create and modify business processes and ensure efficient group work taking into account the rights of users to perform various operations
  • calculations, including insurance technical provisions for the valuation of balance sheets, meeting reporting requirements
  • information exchange with institutions providing information flow to all the insurance entities required by law, thanks to the specifically built-in mechanisms for data exchange
  • reinsurance programs including support for all the elements of a reinsurance policy and related processes.


Business and Operational Benefits

  • easy management of a diversified insurance portfolio
  • quick reaction to changes on the insurance market by matching the offer to the latest trends
  • reduction of IT costs and the implementation time owing to easy integration of the Comarch NonLife Insurance system with other systems in the company.
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