Comarch NonLife Insurance

Multi-module policy administration solution to satisfy all insurer’s needs, ensuring high quality customer service, dedicated to all types of property and casualty insurance.

Comarch NonLife Insurance solution is dedicated to all insurance companies offering property and casualty insurance (general insurance). Our system handles individual and group products offered to the retail and corporate customers alike. Comarch NonLife Insurance is valued both by insurers offering a traditional portfolio of insurance products and those who specialize in bancassurance or selected niche risks. The system's modular structure greatly facilitates its extension with new components as well as integration with the insurer’s existing software. This core insurance system is enhanced with a user-friendly web portal for front-office operations.

Key business advantages

Automation and cost reduction

Comprehensive management of all, even the most complex product lines in one policy administration system

Short time-to-market

Fast product modification and new product introduction to the non-life insurance market

Open architecture

Easy integration and expansion of core insurance system thanks to the modular approach and Service Oriented Architecture

Process flexibility

Based on the workflow engine with task inboxes managed by power business users


  • covering policy and product life cycles for all types of property and casualty insurance
  • support for all sales channels, i.e. tied agents, brokers, bancassurance, call center, customer portal
  • handling individual and group policies for retail customers and companies
  • multi-language, multi-currency and multi-ledger in case of two or more companies of one capital group
  • additional handling of simple life and health insurance products
  • modular system design ensuring quick integration with the insurer’s existing systems





Comarch’s property & casualty policy administration solution supports the following types of  insurance:

  • Property insurance – personal and commercial insurance: real estate, builder’s risk, electronic equipment, machinery
  • Vehicle insurance – individual products and packages of Third Party Liability, Auto Casco, Green Card, Assistance, Accident; personal and commercial car insurance (also as a fleet policy)
  • Third Party Liability – private as well as business TPL insurance
  • Accident and Health – personal insurance –individual and group casualty insurance as well as medical expense insurance, various types of assistance
  • Travel insurance – against all types of risk associated with travel
  • Agricultural insurance – third party liability for farmers, property coverage for buildings, equipment, livestock and crops
  • Transport insurance – goods in transit insurance (Cargo), domestic and International road haulier’s liability insurance, freight forwarder’s liability insurance
  • Financial insurance – surety (guarantees), insurance credits (bank credits and commercial credit insurance)
  • Legal expense insurance – coverage for legal protection with help assistance

Success Stories

TUiR Allianz Polska S.A.

Comarch NonLife Insurance at TUiR Allianz Polska S.A.

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