E-Invoicing Exchange Summit

Are you ready for the most important event in e-Invoicing business?


At the May 9-11 event at The Hilton Miami Airport, CEOs and experts of United States and internationals related to Digital technologies in Payments, Taxes and Compliance will share variety of user case studies, presentations, round-tables and panel discussions. 

Participants will get an update on the U.S. E-Invoicing standardization, the design for a global interoperability framework, on technology trends such as RPA and AI as well as on legal identity solutions.

Additionally, Comarch experts will be available to answer your questions and present our comprehensive solutions.

If you want to meet the Comarch team that will be attending the conference, register ­below

If you’re interested in the meeting, but none of the dates suit you, please contact Kenneth Tayor, via kenneth.taylor@comarch.com

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