Down To Tech-driven Business At Confare’s 13th CIO Summit

What do you call over 450 Chief Information Officers and IT managers under one roof? Confare’s CIO Summit, of course! On April 1, we will be in Vienna to take part in this exclusive two-day event focusing on the latest business process automation technologies - and more.

Being referred to as “the most important IT management forum in Austria,” the summit will include a series of thought-provoking presentations by some of the most influential figures in the business. There will also be dozens of opportunities to share one’s thoughts and ideas with dozens of professionals from all industries. We couldn’t be more excited!

If you are to be one of Confare’s CIO Summit attendees, make sure to visit us at our booth, where we will tell you all about our software-defined technologies for optimizing key business processes - such as our data exchange and document management platforms. We will also let you in on our perspective regarding the future of IT – and there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Want to know more about the event? Click HERE to visit the official website.

See you in Vienna!

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