600Minutes Customer Experience 600Minutes Customer Experience takes place on 21 September in Oslo, Norway. Management Events is well-known company for organizing conferences with sophisticated 1-2-1 business meetings. According to them “the world is very digital, but all the great deals are made face to face”.

We encourage you to take the chance and meet Comarch during key note presentation and roundtable. Michał Kawulak will be talking about “4 steps towards better Customer Experience: Omnichannel communication, Proactivity, Social Media and Automation”.

  • Case study showing how Scandinavian Airlines Systems benefits from Comarch Customer Care solution.
  • Customers’ expectations for quick reactions and personalized communications are higher than ever. Many companies are already benefiting from automation thanks to the effective use of both big and small data.
  • Even the most advanced AI cannot answer the other critical needs of modern customer care departments alone. Human contact will still be necessary for a while, like efficiency and knowledge, cross-department cooperation, data coherence and proactivity.

Comarch is a global producer and provider of IT services and solutions. We support organizations within a wide range of areas, providing consulting and IT-solutions which can replace an old system or implement brand new one from scratch. We can help you in finding a solution tailored to your company's needs.

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