Using DATA gathered from traditional and modern sales channel to improve trade promotion management – Comarch at POI European Promotion Optimization Summit

When discussing events that focus on modern sales & marketing concepts and solutions, the POI European Promotion Optimization Summit stands out as one of the best experiences any retail professional could ever attend. Uniting both world’s best marketing specialists and industry’s top IT solutions providers, the summit is, quite simply, a perfect opportunity to share your ideas, interests, and concerns regarding the future of retail and business automation.

Starting May 14th, the POI Summit will include numerous thought-provoking lectures and workshops that will be of interest to anyone looking for true innovations in modern retail. The presenters will help you explore the unknown and learn how to use new technologies to your advantage. Representing the Comarch Team, Jakub Frankiewicz, our consulting manager, will do a presentation on how processing data from both traditional and modern sales channel on a daily basis can improve trade promotion management. That’s certainly an event you simply cannot miss once being there.

Operating under the slogan "Collaborate Globally and Execute Locally", this year’s POI Summit will be held at the SS Rotterdam Hotel in the Netherlands. Come and join us at our booth, so we could tell you more about Comarch advanced solutions for improving both digital loyalty and customer engagement.

See you in Rotterdam!

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