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Comarch Client Reporting & Communication

Informing clients, in a clear and detailed manner, about their investment portfolio, the risk associated with it, as well as the achieved investment results, is an important element of building long-term relations and trust with the client. It can also become an important tool for investment companies, banks, distributors and investment consultants when competing for clients. The requirements are a consequence of the capital markets regulations, including MiFID and UCITS, as well as a general shift in the way financial institutions approach the problem of education, information exchange and responsibility for the investment product offers.

Comarch Client Reporting & Communication
is a solution that generates comprehensive reports that covers the value, profitability and risk. It supports the processes of managing a large database, report distribution and publication, according to the policy of the given institution. The solution covers:

  • generating reports: predefined or created by the user, based on components linked with the analysis of the investment portfolio, which present the portfolio pereformance and risk, an analysis of the portfolio structure and dynamic with regards to chosen benchmarks and various types of explanations and comments made by analysts and managers
  • various methods of report distribution: e.g. via a web-portal available to clients
  • a database dedicated to investment portfolio reporting, supported by the best practices as well as business intelligence solutions
  • integration of market, transactional and portfolio data as well as operations carried out on investment fund registers.

The whole solution, thanks to its repeatability and the scale of the process, can be offered as a service model (SaaS). Additionally, there is a possibility to use the Comarch Data Center solution. This guarantees the highest standards in terms of security, accessibility and process productivity. Comarch Client Reporting & Communication can also be implemented as part of the infrastructure, which already exists in the financial institution. It can also take into account individual corporate standards for business intelligence tools and reporting.

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