Comarch CRM Branch Office

Key business advantages

Sales automation

Comarch CRM Branch Office is the integrated system which allows for the realization of the sales process simply and dynamically. Using intelligence tips and work on the basis of tasks ensures congeneric customer service and improvement in advisers’ sales performance.

Increase customer loyalty

Multi-channel customer service and access to the comprehensive information from all available communication channels allows to increase customer loyalty. A bank has the full knowledge about customers’ activity and can effectively respond to his needs and requirements.

Employees supervision

The system uses multiple tools to help supervisors monitor and control the work of their subordinates. The most important of them are: the tasks management, access to rankings, reports, as well as the presentation of a recent events timeline.

Mobile application

Comarch provides the mobile application designed for tablets users, so the work of advisers and managers becomes possible without physical presence in the branch. The RWD technology allows to the same presentation on any device automatically.


  • Over 20 000 bank employees and 5 000 bank branches use Comarch CRM Branch Office every day
  • Over 10 000 workstations with the Comarch CRM Branch Office
  • 20% of the customers from retail banking sector supported by Comarch CRM Branch Office
  • A big number of implementations as well as extensive experience of employees
  • Using the best User Experience experts during the system designing


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Kemal Burić, CEO, Sarajevska Banka

Comarch Asset Management at Rosgosstrakh

The implementation of Comarch Asset Management in the RGS was to automate the process of accounting and asset valuation in the Investment Department.

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