Comarch Internet Banking at Erste Bank Ukraine

Comarch Internet Banking at Erste Bank Ukraine

The Erste Bank Ukraine implementation was the second overseas deployment of Comarch robust Internet Banking solution.

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Comarch Internet Banking

Solution to support internet banking.

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Comarch Internet Banking provides the following to Erste Bank clients:

  • online access to account and card information
  • card blocking, limit management
  • downloading of statements
  • transactions between accounts at Erste Bank Ukraine and other banks
  • payments into savings accounts
  • paying off credit cards
  • standing orders
  • creating payment templates.

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Comarch Security Access Manager DRACO

In addition to Internet banking solutions, Comarch implemented a security application in Erste Bank Ukraine – Comarch Security Access Manager DRACO. The solution provides centralized management of internal users and integration with Active Directory and Single Sign On functionality. DRACO can also be used to issue electronic certificates and to verify transactions.

The Erste Bank Ukraine implementation was the second overseas deployment of our robust Internet Banking solution. In this project, we enjoyed very strong support from the bank – they carefully listened to our suggestions, and in turn provided everything we needed. The company’s main headquarters in Austria also did a great job, implementing procedures and tools that improved project work and created a corporate culture familiar to us from previously undertaken projects in Western Europe.


Damian Grela, Product Manager, Comarch 

I have very good memories of working with my Ukrainian colleagues from Erste Bank. During the project, we were able to solve a number of interesting challenges that arose due to certain specifics of the Ukrainian market. This enabled us to enrich our project experience and to confirm the versatility of our product. The project took place during the period of preparing both our countries for Euro 2012, as well as during the event itself, which served as a motivating factor for both sides, and which helped to create a good working atmosphere.


Grzegorz Kolasa, Project Manager, Comarch


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