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Empower your clients to keep track of their wealth and let them make the most of it

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Comarch Wealth Management is a multi-module investment system dedicated to private banking and wealth management. The software supports wealth management processes delivered to clients in the form of personal services identified as:

  • Simplified investment advice – occasional advisory on investment products,
  • Full investment advice – recurrent advisory on model portfolio,
  • Execution only – transaction execution based on client’s own decision,
  • Portfolio management – managing clients wealth by dedicated specialists.

Comarch Wealth Management focuses on the relationships and cooperation between advisors and clients regardless of the way the clients’ investments are managed:  by self-service guided by robo-advisory or a relationship manager. In each of these scenarios Comarch Wealth Management system ensures a consistent user experience. Due to the omnichannel approach, this integrated and multi-module wealth management software allows to seamlessly continue processes through multiple channels and share information between clients and their advisors. Both groups also benefit from dedicated web and mobile apps.

Key business advantages

Efficient client management

Automate client-facing tasks while consolidating and monitoring clients’ wealth across services and domiciliations

Client-centric & transparent advisory

Perform robust risk profiling and financial analysis based on financial planning software resulting in fully transparent and compliant investment advisory

Comprehensive business governance

Integrate all relevant data across your business and take advantage of managerial reporting

Self-service multichannel communication

Guide clients to financial discipline and long-term saving by proactively delivering custom investment ideas via web & mobile

Different models of service delivery

Build clients’ investment policies with a traditional, robo-advice or mixed approach

Post-contractual information

Perform client-specific, flexible reporting

Support for multiple services

Cover all types of services including investment advice (simplified and full), execution-only and portfolio management

Various client segments

Cater to all client segments with tailor-made offers originating from one configurable solution


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  • Client onboarding, financial situation analysis
  • Wealth aggregation, risk profile assessment
  • Financial planning, invesment advisory proces
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Portfolio management, modeling, rebalancing
  • Recommendations for financial products
  • Orders generation
  • Robo-advisory process
  • Performance and risk calculations
  • Investment performance reporting
  • Real time portfolio monitoring
  • Pre- and post-trade compliance


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