Test Management Platform

Test Management: An IT Platform for Network Test Managing in Telecoms

Comarch Test Management Platform is a product for managing remote test modules supporting different protocols and collecting network quality parameters.

The premise is to gather in one place all configurations, which should then be able to drive the network to provide useful counters or KPIs.
Many components and protocols can mediate in this process. Our product is an umbrella which allows you to manage them all in one place, covering even the lowest level of the testing process. We provide remote test modules which can communicate with network devices to initiate tests and generate test traffic.

Examples of supported protocols are:

  • NQA

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Benefits of implementing a telecommunications network test managing platform - Comarch Test Management:

Orchestrate your testing platforms

Schedule tests, gather results and utilize them for integrated assurance.

Be proactive with predictive maintenance

Use your test data to train machine learning algorithms to support predictive maintenance.

Integrate your test events with intelligent event processing

Embed test results aggregated by Comarch Test Management into end to end processing of events arising from different sources.

Integrate with your assurance processes

Integrate Comarch Test Management with Comarch OSS Service Desk to efficiently support incident, problem and change management processes.

Tests Summary View from Test Management

Tests Summary View from Test Management

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