Comarch BSS and OSS Suite Implementation

Belieze Telemedia Limited


Belize Telemedia Limited is the largest business, telecommunications and multimedia company operating in the country of Belize, with a book value in excess of US $100m. With 500 employees and 15 branch offices throughout the country, Belize Telemedia Limited offers a broad range of services, including wire line, mobile, data and Internet access.

BTL had seen its mobile customer base double in less than five years. At the same time, the introduction of new services meant that customers received several invoices each month. Comarch helped BTL tackle both issues with an integrated end-to-end billing and customer management system.

The business need


BTL was the incumbent telecommunications operator in the Central American country of Belize between 1987 and 2002, when the market was liberalized. Further privatization efforts prompted the company to develop and expand its business, rolling out new technologies while looking to expand its customer base.

The approach


Comarch proposed a solution that allowed BTL to achieve

  • End-to-end rating and billing, starting with xDR collection from the switches, including mobile and fixed services
  • Invoice generation and production of other financial documents
  • Workflow and customer care management
  • Fraud detection for security management
  • User training at all levels of system usage
  • Data migration and system tuning

The results


Currently, BTL maintains its position as the most important telecommunications company in Belize, with 33,500 fixed telephone lines, 130,000 cellular customers and 8,000 internet customers. The company also operates more than 1,000 payphones around the country

Comarch software systems continue to help the company fulfill its promise to expand its present wire line, mobile, data and Internet services by bringing on-stream a wide array of first-class services and products under each service portfolio.

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