Future Connections Adopts Comarch FSM to Automate Their Managed Telco Services Operations

Polish IT specialist Comarch is marking 12 months of successful cooperation with Future Connections, a telecommunications service provider serving the Netherlands with their Managed Telco Services and the world with their Network Intelligence Services. Future Connections integrated Comarch Field Service Management with their tools to improve the quality of their automation workflow solution for operators in the B2B and B2C customer domains in the Netherlands. 

Faced with significant growth in their customer base and the number of incoming orders, Future Connections was looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to handle inquiries and maintain their complex infrastructure. Since their customers are Tier 1 telecom operators, they prioritize data security and a high standard of customer experience over anything else.

In early 2022, the company put the Comarch FSM system through a rigorous testing phase that lasted several months. During this time, the platform proved to be a reliable, secure, and flexible enough solution to support the company's operations, and the full integration process began by the end of the same year.

Future Connections is a Managed Telco Services provider to some of the largest telecommunications operators in the Netherlands. They needed to ensure that no data leaks out and that they can fully control the processes without relying on third-party support. This is where Comarch FSM shines: despite its enormous capabilities, it is intuitive enough to manage the entire system with very little training,” says Szymon Uczciwek, Head of FSM Business Unit in Comarch.

By combining FSM's powerful automation features with their proprietary platform, Max Suite, Future Connections gained a complete end-to-end solution that autonomously resolves client inquiries, schedules meetings, dispatches engineers to the field, and more. Since its full deployment in the B2B and B2C service sectors in 2022, Future Connections has noted largely successful use cases for Tier 1 telecom operators in the Netherlands.

With the Field Service Management tool of Comarch fully integrated into our platform, we have delivered to our customers in the B2B and B2C domains real efficiencies and cost reductions. We want to continue along the same trajectory and are now exploring and defining a road map for new possibilities and features that we want to develop and implement in the near future” says Julien Beenakkers, CEO at Future Connections.

Watch a video about another successful FSM implementation done in collaboration with Future Connections:

About Future Connections

Future Connections is an independent telco solutions provider and software developer with in-depth experience in network performance assurance, optimization, automation, and automation in telco managed services. The company offers an extensive portfolio of modular, easily scalable, multi-technology, and multi-domain solutions that are customized to address the most complex use cases, delivering operating expenses’ reductions and improved efficiencies. The company utilizes AI/ML techniques to drive workflow automation and leverages DevOps methodologies to accelerate time-to-market and rapidly respond to operator needs. Future Connections is headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Spain and the United Kingdom.


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