Comarch Joins Forces with  Ukraine’s Largest Telco Operator Kyivstar

Kraków, December 2023 – Poland-based global telco and IT firm Comarch has signed a deal with Kyivstar, to help Ukraine’s biggest telecommunications operator improve field service maintenance activities.

With 24.3 million mobile network subscribers and a further 1.1 million Internet customers, Kyivstar faced the huge task of modernizing and updating field service processes. The company is responsible for ensuring the smooth running, maintenance, and preventive upkeep of equipment serving 1,1 million apartments and more than 32 thousand objects in the RAN network in Ukraine. The scale of the project meant that it was no longer feasible to rely on existing field service maintenance procedures in order to effectively achieve the set goals. By implementing Comarch Field Service Management product, Kyivstar will be able to streamline and automate processes, optimizing maintenance and route planning for technicians while tracking tasks in real time and gaining the data necessary for the timely and accurate analysis of tasks in hand.

The Ukrainian company placed huge trust in the Polish IT and telco experts to help them maintain services as varied as 4G, big data, cloud, cybersecurity, digital TV and more for their customers.

Tymoteusz Wrona, Head of Telco BU Consulting at Comarch, said it had taken two years of discussions before the contract was signed earlier this year. He added: “We listened carefully and actively to Kyivstar, ensuring that we understood their requirements before tailoring a field service management offer using Comarch FSM. In this way, we were able to best address our Ukrainian neighbor’s business needs and help them meet their goals.”

Vitaliy Gubenko, Head of Operational Support Department at Kyivstar, said Comarch’s many years of experience in the FSM sector had helped to convince them that partnership with the Polish firm was the way forward.

He said: “With more than 24 million subscribers, we have responsibility for a huge portfolio of telecommunications an IT services. For 25 years, this has been our priority - but as a socially responsible company it is even more important during wartime. Comarch will lead us through the process of streamlining and automating the processes behind our expansive and geographically wide-ranging field service management activities, while providing a product that was designed specifically to meet the challenges faced by Kyivstar in this area.” 


More about Kyivstar

Kyivstar is the largest Ukrainian telecommunications operator, serving over 24 million mobile communication subscribers and over 1 million "Home Internet" subscribers as of September 2023. The company provides services utilizing a wide range of mobile and fixed communication technologies, including 4G, Big Data, Cloud solutions, cybersecurity services, digital TV, and more. Kyivstar assists subscribers, society, and the country in overcoming the challenges of wartime. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the company has provided assistance to subscribers, society, and the country amounting to over 1.4 billion UAH. The sole shareholder of Kyivstar is the international VEON Group (headquartered in the Netherlands). The Group's shares are listed on the NASDAQ (New York) and Euronext (Amsterdam) stock exchanges. Kyivstar has been operating in Ukraine for 25 years and is recognized as the largest taxpayer in the telecom market, the best employer, and a socially responsible company. 

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