BSS for the Digital Age: Helping Telcos to Harness Advanced Technologies to Meet the Needs of Generations of Customers to Come

Digitization has changed the face of telecommunications to such an extent that service providers must completely re-imagine their business support systems (BSS) in order to deliver on the requirements of new generations of consumers.

Digitization, BSS and telecommunications

Telco customers are no longer satisfied to let their CSP run the show. They require speed and quality on demand, in every aspect of their digital lives. This covers not just the products and services they buy, but also the entire purchase journey – from the moment they first begin a search to aftersales care and interaction. And, if a CSP can’t meet that demand… well, it’s easy enough to switch to one that can.

A top-rate solution for BSS in telecoms will allow service providers to rise to the challenges of digitization and address these demands. Such a solution requires several elements – comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM), product catalog-driven order management, robust billing, and flexible self-care.

The best CRM solutions give the service provider a constantly updated, 360-degree view of every customer. This not only assists in managing interactions and resolving issues, but also provides customers with a seamless, omnichannel experience for the lifetime of their relationship with their CSP. Given what we already know about more demanding customers who have more choice when it comes to selecting and remaining loyal to a provider, it makes sense to put them center stage in this way.

A catalog-driven order management solution should further assist in developing this customer-centric approach, ensuring that customers receive offers of products and services that are tailored to their needs. It will also help CSPs develop and deliver these services to market much more rapidly, because new offers can be composed using existing elements within the catalog with a high degree of automation.

The product catalog should also feed into the billing element of new generation BSS. Everything from regular invoicing to discounts and dunning can be automated, but it is vital from a customer satisfaction perspective that your billing solution really is robust enough to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Finally, a flexible self-care solution will place the customer firmly in control of all aspects of their accounts, services and relationship with the CSP. This solution isn’t only there to help resolve any issues that may arise – it should primarily empower the customer to manage services and payments simply and conveniently, whenever and from wherever they choose to log in.

Comarch BSS address all of these challenges, and is geared towards helping CSPs deliver customer-centric services by harnessing the most advanced technology to meet the needs of today’s generation and tomorrow’s.


Yoseli Orozco
Yoseli Orozco
BSS Consultant

Venezuelan telecommunications engineer who obtained an engineering diploma before working at the Electrical company in Caracas, then moved to pre-sales with ZTE. While at ZTE, she did her MBA in Santiago de Chile, then worked with Israeli telecom tower manufacturer and seller MER. She is currently Comarch's BSS Consultant for Latin America, supporting presentations, bids and client meetings.

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